Groot Constantia wine tasting in Cape Town

Groot Constantia wine tasting in Cape Town
Groot Constantia wine tasting in Cape Town

In our last post, we talked about our experience climbing the incredible Table Mountain (or Table Mountain) in Cape Town. Today we will talk about another interesting tourist spot for wine lovers: the visit and tasting in Groot Constantia.

First of all, it’s important to remember that all these tours we’ve done have been done with those red double-decker buses, you know? They are called hop on / hop off and you can go in and out where you want.

Groot Constantia is the oldest winery in South Africa and is located in the suburb of Cape Town in a beautiful and mountainous region. As the winery approaches, the landscape changes: the trees gradually give way to the vines. The most beautiful of all this is that you do not have to leave Cape Town!

The production of wine began in the seventeenth century with Van der Stel, the first owner of the estate, until in 1885 the government of Cape Town bought it. There are many red wines produced here, but the most famous are shiraz and pinotage (a native variety of South Africa, which is an assembly of Pinot Noir and the Hermitage).

The tasting reminded me a lot of what we did in Napa (I have not talked about it here, but it’s in the list of texts for 2016). The waiter gives you a list of available wines and you choose 5 to taste. He speaks to you briefly about notes and aromas found in every type and only. For those who have done a lot of tastings (as in our case) it is quite interesting, because after a while the explanations are very repetitive.

So if you’re in Cape Town and want to get away from the identity, make a taste and have a good trip!

How to get:
In Cape Town, this “means of transport” was fundamental. Since the attractions are scattered, with this bus you do not have to worry if the taxi driver will overtake you, if the bus stop is very far from other problems that may happen.

Returning to the visit, this is a tour that few people do, because you will have to take another bus line (with the same ticket you have already purchased), the so-called purple line. To get it, take the blue line up to point 21 and take the purple line for Groot Constantia.

Reservations: if you are in a large number of people, it is ideal to book in advance. Since we were just the two of us, we did not book and we attended promptly.

Price: 45 rand per person.

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