Praia do Forte, Bahia: Things to do

One of the places I enjoyed visiting Brazil was Praia do Forte, in Bahia. Unlike the buzz of Salvador, it is worth hiring a car and enjoying a heavenly appearance in a super charming village.

Praia do Forte, Bahia: Things to do

Praia do Forte is located on the so-called Green Line, a road that connects Bahia to Sergipe. Unfortunately I did not do the whole trip, but I will not miss! The road, only 14 km long, is quite quiet and we were lucky not to take any traffic.

The village is home to the most important Tamar project and is a tour that I recommend. If you already know other units of the Project, it could also be repetitive, but I still think it’s worth visiting.

Another nice thing is that their store has several items made in collaboration with local communities. Buying one of the beautiful items for sale is a great way to help the turtles and the population. If you travel there between the months of December and February, you will have the incredible opportunity to help you drop the turtles into the sea. If you go between July and October, you will have the chance to see the humpback whales. Fortunately, I do not see it, of course.

The beach closest to the center, besides being beautiful, forms natural pools for those who want to relax. Ask the locals what time is the best time to visit as it will depend on the tide.

The centrinho is closed to cars and has several restaurants, shops and ateliers. It’s worth knowing everything in a calm and enjoying the tranquility (at least out of season) of this wonderful place!

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