Fall in love with South Africa

Fall in love with South Africa
Fall in love with South Africa

After 3 beautiful trips to South Africa, I decided to make a video with some of the reasons for Cape Town or Cape Town (and the country as a whole) is fascinating.

Fall in love in South Africa
For those who do not know South Africa, it’s the invitation. Here on the blog, we have written more than 80 articles about the country and yet still I could go there several times and still bring new materials.

For starters, if the starting point is Johannesburg or Cape Town, get the scripts for each one. In them you can find advice on what to do, where to sleep and where to eat. He has a lot of good!

Wines: South Africa is a perfect country for wine tourism lovers. The best thing is that the cellars are very close to Cape Town!

Safari: If your intention is to go to the Kruger, start here. If your idea is to drive, we have made a text on the track. I would like to go on a safari, but is it time to go to the Kruger? Take a look at this post on Gondwana.

Garden Route: The most scenic road is full of beauties and surf! See here that stops doing.

Unusual script: is it doing something different? Meet the Drakensberg mountains.

  • Thanks to South African Airways and South African Tourism for all these beautiful trips to South Africa.

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