Sucre – Bolivia

Sucre is a very nice city. Did you know that the independence of Bolivia was proclaimed here? Here it still remains the judicial capital – while La Paz is the seat of government. The buildings are all white and there is a clear rule for the locals: nothing to paint their houses of another color!

Sucre Bolivia

Since 1991 it is considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

It’s part of our travel itinerary in South America!

Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Uyuni is a city in southern Bolivia and very famous for having the biggest salary in the world. Because of the altitude, expect to find a desert climate here: very hot during the day and very cold at night.

The explanation of the existence of this salar is very simple: here was the sea. During the tour you will visit some caves and in many of them shells have been found! More detailed explanations on the subject only with my sister … rsrs
When you arrive in the city center, you will find several agencies to buy salar packages. The options are 2,3,4 and up to 5 days – everything will depend on you. Your guide will be the driver of the Jeep and will prepare to share the car with people from all over the world. Oh, during these days your stay will be in a hotel of salt – it is salty also because I tasted it. lol

I confess that this was one of the best trips of my life. It’s amazing to see that white world of salt – even if in your head you still doubt it’s not snow.
The best time to go is between summer – rainy season – as you will see the salar with pools of water forming a beautiful mirror. It is inexplicable so beautiful.
Get light clothes and even heavy jackets for the night. Heavy indeed! I almost stuck the night I arrived. In the salt hotel food is also included – which by the way is a delight and well bore.

You are a people who live in the salt bed and live in salt that they can sell. They will certainly try to sell you artisanal items made of salt. Buy them, they deserve it.

It’s part of our travel itinerary in South America!

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