The best stops of the Garden Route, in South Africa

If you’re a little confused about the best stops on the Garden Route, this post is for you. Here you will find advice on how to plan, which places to choose and how many days to stay and, of course, advice on the best stops. I confess that the task is not easy, because it makes me want to stop anywhere and never come back home!

The best stops of the Garden Route, in South Africa
To begin with, we list here the main steps on the Garden Route, which include things we did and things we did not have time to do, but we want to do one day.

The Garden Route is one of the most scenic routes to do in South Africa, as it includes beautiful places, perfect beaches for surfers and some private game reserves (safaris). Moreover, the roads are super well cared for, the drivers are polite, that is to say: a perfect trip!

I will not say much about Cape Town, because we’ve already done a complete script. In it you will find many things! I only anticipated one thing: do not rent a car for your stay in Cape Town. Use those double-decker buses and, just on your last day, hire a car to travel the Peninsula and then head for the Garden Route. It was what we did and it was super safe. I suggest staying at least 4 days here because the views are well distributed and given the topography of the place, going from one point to another is not very fast as it is often necessary to go around Table Mountain.

If you are here between the months of July and December, you can get a chance to see the whales some points, without the need to take a boat to see them (even in this case, there is the possibility of doing this boat ride with different agencies). We were there in the whale season, but we did not see anyone. As we had time for just one lap, we opted for shark diving. Another well-known whale town is Hermanus, which is on the opposite side of False Bay. A whole day is enough to get to know the city and take a ride.

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