Things to do in Bath, England: 1-day itinerary

Are you going to Bath? So read our tips on what to see and how to get there from London on a one-day trip! You can leave London in the morning and come back in the late afternoon.

Things to do in Bath, England: 1-day itinerary
Bath is located east of London in the county of Somerset and has a population of almost 84,000 people. Although it belongs to that county, it has administrative independence due to a treaty signed by the queen.

Bath – England: introduction
First here it was a “spa resort” of the Romans in 43 BC and had the name of Aquae Sulis (the waters of Sulis). Here they built a temple and baths of sulphurous waters (naturally warm). The curious thing is that this type of hot water can only be found in this region, and nowhere else in England. Now I wonder: if the Romans found this place of natural hot springs on the island, they probably went elsewhere until they found the place “sacred”, right? It must not have been a simple coincidence that they came here.

Bath gained importance when the local church was used for the coronation of King Edgar in 973. During the Georgian era it became a known “spa”. That is, this beautiful town has been for a long time the “dear” of many people.

Things to do in Bath, England: 1-day itinerary

So now, I will publish the advice of places not to be missed in Bath. The whole screenplay can be done on foot (which is a marvel, do not you think?). To visit all the places, I suggest you take at least half a day (plus one hour of lunch) to get to know each place calmly.

Walk along the Avon river

The view of the river really impresses. On its banks there are parks that are full of people if the sun is present. It’s a great place to take pictures, especially for the little waterfall and the ducklings that stand there like the “surf”. I had fun watching them and trying to understand what the Russian submarine was doing (Russia pursued me, there’s no way). Be sure to take pictures of the Pultney Bridge with the river: a beautiful postcard.

Bath Abbey

If you’re in Bath, you can not miss a stop at the most important church in Bath. It’s right in the middle of the city and it will not be too hard to find, in fact if you look up, you’ll see it in many places.

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